Lyricist & Librettist

Carol Barratt has devoted her life to music education and is acknowledged as a leading authority on the subject with over 80 publications in print.

“If you weep, O then weep
Like the water wheel, that green shoots may spring up from the cloister of your soul.

Taken from Karl Jenkins, Miserere (2018-19)  

She has also written poetry for most of her life , contributing librettos to works (e.g Stabat Mater , The Peacemakers , Stella Natalis ) by her husband Sir Karl Jenkins. 

In 2014 , Carol completed a children’s book titled Idwal : A Tall Tree and some Tall Stories Her most recent book is Natures Nasties. 

When asked by Karl to write the words for a British Red Cross commission, I felt a special affinity with this charity that I have long admired.

In 1997 Carol wrote with husband Karl, Eloise, which successfully combines the distinctive music of Karl Jenkins with a magical story, vivdly brought to life by Carol’s libretto.

Loneliness seems to be ever present , now that families are dispersed , many assuming that one needs technology to communicate. 

Both words and music can have a profound effect on lonely people. When our son, Jody, was a young boy, we would sometimes visit old people homes. Whenever there was a piano present , Jody would play to the assembled throng of very often lonely people with lonely faces.

We could see an instant reaction, their eyes coming alive , and they would begin to talk about old songs that they remembered from their past.

The British Red Cross does so much to bring lonely people together. When I wrote the words below for Only Glad Tidings, I was thinking of these people , both here and abroad .

Under clouds of constant conflict
Kindness spreads like glowing sunshine
Joyful music calls the lonely
All are welcome , help is given